Process Management

Based on the Lean management methodology process, the scope of our supply includes:

  • Definition and process development
  • Optimize and improve existing processes
  • Professionalization of management
  • Improving competitiveness and sustainability
  • Managing change and growth
  • Study methods and times
  • Decreased downtime
  • Reduced machine setup times, format changes, setup's etc.
  • Increased production flexibility and variety
  • Increased quality
  • Decreased production costs
  • Decrease in stocks of work in progress and finished goods

Our goal is to achieve a substantial improvement in its processes, involving minimal or no investment in reforms, machinery, equipment, human resources, etc. We accomplish this by applying the basics of Lean management philosophy.

We are pioneers in Uruguay in providing consulting services applying Lean management methodology, system applied by the best companies in the world, with foreign-trained professionals.

Lean Production System is a management approach based processes perform only what is necessary to deliver the customer what he really values​​, ie exactly what you want, in the quantity you want and just when you want, at a competitive price.