Panasonic Industrial

In 1974, Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America, formerly Aromat was established as a 100% subsidiary of Panasonic Electric Works Co. Ltd. Since then it has become a supplier of choice for electronic components and device industries.

Panasonic Electric Works offer:

  • Automation and control
    • PLC ´s
    • Human Machine Interfases (HMI)
    • Temperature controllers
    • Servomotors
  • Sensors
    • Inductive, optical, area, optic fiber, sensors
    • Pressure, color, vision and mesurements, sensors
    • Vision sistems
    • Pressure sensors for air lines and special aplication
    • Safety barriers
    • Optical pushbuttons
  • Energy
    • Timerse and counters
    • Energy meters
  • Ionization control system
  • UV curing system
  • Laser Markers
    • Laser markers for different surfaces, such as glass, wood, concrete, etc.