Engineering and Works

We offers services to cover all specialties present in all engineering project: process, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, civil, among others.

Services offered includes:

  • Development and management of engineering projects: blueprints, basic engineering, detailed engineering, implementation and commissioning
  • Cost Calculations
  • Preparation of technical specifications and specifications
  • Design drawings
  • Technical evaluation of tenders
  • Thermal calculations and mechanical equipment
  • Structural calculations
  • Monitoring assembly
  • Stakeout at work
  • Address of works
  • Process automation and machines
  • Advice and sale of inputs for automation

URUMAT shares an alliance with Argentina Cidecor Engineering SRL company, founded in 1995 which specializes in the development of studies and projects for process plants. The combination of both companies' professional staff ensures excellence in the works, given the vast experience of projects in the region and the variety of staff training.

At the same time, we have strategic representation of different suppliers have to ensure adequate input for each process control and automation.