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We work with high profile world-wide providers like Autonics, Lovato, Panasonic Industrial, Sick and Weintek among others.

We are in charge of implementing projects of companies, allowing the customer to develop on their core business and we take responsibility to progress and improve their production processes in accordance with the requirements, making them more efficient and effective.

The efficiency of our service is based on a continuous research for more reliable products that meet the best needs of each client.


Schedules are tight. The apron is crowded. And tractor drivers are constantly moving a wide range of aircraft. Today’s airports are a challenging setting for the tractor drivers who maneuver airplanes across the aprons, always aware that even a minor collision is extremely costly, both in terms of repairs and time lost. To effectively deal with these challenges, TREPEL Airport Equipment GmbH has come to rely on the APS (Aircraft Protection System) object detection system from SICK.


Since its foundation in 1988, FUKUTA ELEC. & MACH Co., Ltd. (FUKUTA) has consistently evolved with the times, having demonstrated excellence in the development and manufacturing of industrial motors. In recent years, FUKUTA has also proved itself to be a key player in the field of electric motors, becoming a key supplier to the world-renowned electric car maker and forming solid partnerships with the rest.


The team of UWT Level Control India Pvt. Ltd. presented reliable technologies of measurement solutions for content and level limit detection as well as new sensor solutions for liquids applications.


This new controlled has been designed to meet rigorous television broadcast standards.


Toughbook devices help improve the efficiency of operations in the productive sector


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