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We work with high profile world-wide providers like Autonics, Lovato, Panasonic Industrial, Sick and Weintek among others.

We are in charge of implementing projects of companies, allowing the customer to develop on their core business and we take responsibility to progress and improve their production processes in accordance with the requirements, making them more efficient and effective.

The efficiency of our service is based on a continuous research for more reliable products that meet the best needs of each client.

Multi Physics Box is a industrial sensor that controls temperature, shocks and vibrations in motors, pumps, fans or transport systems continuously. Analyze the measured values of these three magnitudes to provide indications of processes that can lead to failures in machinery. 


We would like to introduce the new line of transmitters:

Smart or analog explosion proof pressure transmitters.


As capacitive HMI has made quite an impression given its touch features and high-quality display, Weintek now introduces an addition, the new 10.1” cMT X Advanced HMI – cMT3108XP. This built-for-IIoT HMI boasts aesthetics and performance to satisfy the requirements of smart monitoring, system integration and cloud connectivity.


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